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I'm 15. My name is Tuba. I'm from Turkey. I love Creddie so much. And I ship Bori from Victorious, Fabina and Jara from House of Anubis, Harmony from HP, Chair from Gossip Girl. My favorite colour is blue. I'm Creddier since first episode. I love Leyla ile Mecnun. You can follow me in twitter. Miranda Cosgrove follows me since 09/03/12 . Reed Alexander replied me in these dates : 30/03/12-13/04/12 and retweeted four times that date : 03/09/13. Brad Kavanagh follows me since 20/07/12. Monique Coleman, Reagan Justiniano and Lucki Sam follows me. Miranda Cosgrove tweeted that she loves me on 04/08/14. CREDDIEFOREVER <3

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