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I'm 15. My name is Tuba. I'm from Turkey. I love Creddie so much. And I ship Bori from Victorious, Fabina and Jara from House of Anubis, Harmony from HP, Chair from Gossip Girl, Delena from The Vampire Diaries. My favourite colour is blue. I'm Creddier since first episode. I love Leyla ile Mecnun. You can follow me in twitter. Miranda Cosgrove follows me since 09/03/12 . Reed Alexander replied me in these dates : 30/03/12-13/04/12 and retweeted four times that date : 03/09/13. Brad Kavanagh follows me since 20/07/12. Monique Coleman, Reagan Justiniano and Lucki Sam follows me. CREDDIEFOREVER <3

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